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Choosing the right place of employment is one of the most significant choices that a person will ever make. At Sevatec, we are committed to your success in making that choice.

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Project Spotlight

Sevatec's most recent project, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Information Technology Support Services (FITSS II), exemplifies the quality of work and dedication to service that clients can expect.

We are inspired to serve your mission critical work

The concept of service is a value that is promised by many, but delivered by few. Sevatec was founded on the concept of lifelong service, the central element of both our name and our way of doing business.

I welcome you to our web site, which has been created to provide you information on our corporate offerings, to let you know how we do business, and to bring Sevatec onto your list of highly-preferred, long-term providers of performance enhancement technologies and services.

Sonny Kakar, President and CEO, Sevatec Inc.

Spotlight on Service

Sevatec Personnel Volunteering at DC Central Kitchen

While inspired to serve employees, clients, and partners, Sevatec is also committed to serving our community. Seen above are Sevatec personnel volunteering at the DC Central Kitchen.