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Core Values

Sevatec's Core Values DIRECT our Firm

Dedication to the Client Mission

  • A full commitment to ensuring the vital client mission is achieved
  • Working side-by-side with our clients to overcome obstacles towards a common purpose
  • Introducing innovations and efficiencies that advance mission attainment

Integrity Without Compromise

  • Making decisions in the best interests of clients, colleagues, partners, and the firm
  • Conducting ourselves in an ethical, honest and faithful manner at all times
  • Keeping commitments, promises, and our word

Results That Matter

  • Solving problems through innovation
  • Focusing on outcomes in all that we do
  • A common passion for delivering best value in serving our country and the American people
  • Being entrepreneurial and creative

Excellence in Every Activity

  • Demonstrating professionalism and a strong work ethic
  • Being dependable, accurate and timely in every activity
  • Always learning and continuously improving
  • Delivering quality work products that exceed expectations

Commitment to Service

  • Living the meaning of "Seva" – a lifelong commitment to serving others
  • Serving our clients, partners, colleagues, and the community with honor and respect
  • Saying the right things, and doing what we say

Teamwork for Success

  • Sharing and transferring information and knowledge
  • Appreciating our colleagues and celebrating their successes
  • Establishing trust across all of our relationships