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Letter From the Founder

Letter from CEO website5The concept of service is a value that is promised by many, but delivered by few. Sevatec was founded on the concept of lifelong service, the central element of both our name and our way of doing business. In fact, the term "Seva" itself means a "Inspired to Serve". Steady and consistent inspiration to serve is certainly not an easy task – and a mind set that is very hard to sustain.

To commit to a long-term business relationship calls for critical elements that are in short supply, but form the internal business climate at Sevatec: integrity, open and transparent communications, and truthfulness. It also includes being instantly responsive when you need us, providing cost-effective, value-added services, and focusing on making you successful.

There are promises between Sevatec and you, our client, that are inherent within a long-term relationship: the promise that we will look after your best interests and help you meet your organization's mission; the promise that we will use the best and brightest of our highly-skilled workforce to support you – over the long term; and the promise that, years from now, you will still be supported by Sevatec because you like doing business with an honest, high-value, and responsive firm. There are many examples of how we have positively assisted our customers, not because it was spelled out in a legal requirement, but because it has always been the right thing to do. By doing so, we embrace our role in serving both the critical missions of our customer's and the interests of the U.S. taxpayer.

Our commitment to our employees mirrors our commitment to our clients. Sevatec’s ability to fulfill our promise to our clients starts with our ability to fulfill our promise to our employees. We provide our employees competitive salaries and benefits and appropriately reward their successes. We retain our employees for the long term through fair and equitable treatment, advancement opportunities, and through our culture of service. Most importantly, we strive to make our employees feel that Sevatec is the best professional experience of their careers. We do this by listening and incorporating their ideas, and remaining in constant communication as their projects and careers progress. This has resulted in 90%+ retention - significantly beating industry average of 82%.

I welcome you to our new and improved web site, which has been created to provide you information on our firm's offerings, to let you know how we do business, and to bring Sevatec onto your list of highly-preferred, long-term providers of technology solutions that solve your most pressing business challenges. Whether you are an existing, or potential customer, employee, or partner, Sevatec is committed to you.  We look forward to our journey together, built on trust, competence, and mutual success.


Sonny Kakar
Sevatec, Inc.