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Senior Management

Select images from the Senior Management profiles below to access professional background information as well as personal reflections from each member of the team.  Select the LinkedIn links for additional information on each member.

SKheadshot Sonny Kakar  
Founder & Chairman of the Board
Balan Balan Ayyar  
President & Chief Executive Officer
joanheadshot 2 Joan Moret  
Vice President, Human Resources
Angela headshot Angela Leno  
Vice President, Operations
Josh Headshot Joshua Rubin  
Senior Vice President
Daniel Muse Sevatec CFO Dan Muse  
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Chris Cole Chris Cole  
Vice President, DHS & National Intelligence
Stephheadshot Stephanie Callaghan  
Senior Director of Client Delivery and Quality
Tim Headshot Tim Grandison  
Senior Director, Technical Solutions
Ed Headshot Ed Short  
Senior Director, DOT FITSS II Program Manager
Lisa Spory Headshot Lisa Spory  
Senior Director, USCIS DBIS II Program Manager
Sonny Kakar , Founder & Chairman of the Board

Sonny Kakar is the Founder & Chairman of the Board of Sevatec.  He founded the company in 2003 and served as CEO until March 2016.  Sonny, along with his team of executives that share a common passion for excellence, work closely with federal government clients, our employees, and industry partners to deliver on Sevatec’s promise of quality, innovation, performance and high value.

"It’s extremely rewarding to be surrounded by smart, talented and caring people.  As we continue to differentiate ourselves in the market, the dedication and character of our team paves the way for our continued success.  They truly reflect the core values we live by day in and day out.  It’s really exciting to watch the evolution of Sevatec from a good to great firm as reflected by exceptional customer and employee satisfaction, and continued growth."

LinkedinSonny Kakar
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Balan Ayyar , President & Chief Executive Officer

Balan Ayyar is the President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sevatec.  In this role, he leads the firm’s operations, growth, and market strategy.  He has a passion for service, high performing teams, leadership, and building trusted relationships, which guide our strategy, engagement, and Sevatec's exceptional level of commitment. Balan brings over 20 years of leadership in the public arena, leading organizations from 300 to more than 6,000 at home and abroad through transformation into award winning levels of performance. He is a retired U.S. Air Force General Officer, White House Fellow, and Member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

“Sevatec is a great American company, built on the timeless values of service to the nation and commitment—to the success of our customer’s important missions and to each other.  What we are doing is central to the biggest challenges our nation is facing—for me, the perfect mix of professional and personal satisfaction.  This is the company you want on your team!”

LinkedinBalan Ayyar
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Joan Moret , Vice President, Human Resources

Ms. Joan Moret serves as Sevatec's Vice President of Human Resources. In this position, Ms. Moret provides strategic direction for employee relations, recruiting, community outreach, work/life balance programs, compensation, benefits, performance management, and training and development. Since joining Sevatec, Ms. Moret has designed and implemented several programs to enhance the employee experience and to further the spirit of "Seva."

"Human Resources Management is all about the people. Therefore, it was paramount for me to join a company with a leader that is both a visionary and someone who understands how critical it is to nurture the culture of the organization. The day I met Sonny back in 2008, I knew he was someone I had to work with. Under his leadership we are challenged and afforded the opportunity to advance the company by challenging the status quo and developing new and innovative solutions. Sevatec truly values, appreciates, and supports the staff in achieving their potential. We reduce obstacles that hinder success and strive to promote a continuing sense of job satisfaction. Our goal every day is to make Sevatec the most rewarding experience of our employee’s professional careers.”

LinkedinJoan Moret
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Angela Leno , Vice President, Operations

Ms. Angela Leno serves as Sevatec’s Vice President of Operations and primary point of contact for all contractual matters and the workflow and management of the Contracts department. She has over fourteen years of progressive experience in acquisitions support, procurement, and subcontract and contract administration for various Federal Government contracting firms. She has worked extensively with senior level management and government officials and is experienced with “cradle to grave” federal contracting practices in support of IT professional services and other service industries. Ms. Leno’s diverse background in all areas of procurement has armed her with a comprehensive knowledge of government contracting regulations (FAR/DFAR/CAS), policies and hands-on experience supporting DCMA and DCAA contract audits.

"During my time with Sevatec, I have immensely enjoyed working side by side with one of the strongest leadership teams I’ve ever had the pleasure of supporting. Sevatec’s mantra “Commitment to Service” transcends client relationships and is emulated in the action of our leadership in all dealings with customers, employees, and partners. As an out-of-the-box thinker, I work with our senior leadership and front line managers creating innovative solutions to aid our customers in achieving their mission. I am honored to work with such an enthusiastic group of talented people." 

LinkedinAngela Leno
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Joshua Rubin , Senior Vice President

Joshua Rubin is responsible for driving Sevatec's growth through market strategy, corporate partnerships, marketing, strategic hiring, and increasing the new business pipeline through cross selling across Sevatec's IT, Performance Management Consulting, and Learning Service offerings. In his role, Mr. Rubin develops new business and establishes new strategic partnerships to create the strongest qualified teams to serve the Federal Government. He possesses more than 12 years of experience in business development, marketing, and sales in the government and commercial sectors. With an entrepreneurial approach and a deep understanding of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), the Federal acquisition process, and small business regulations, Mr. Rubin leads strategy development and actively participates in relationship management with government stakeholders.

"My passion for entrepreneurship laid the foundation for my tenure with Sevatec and sparked my interest in joining the firm. Since joining back in 2005, the culture that started with Sonny and permeates throughout the organization drives me every day to work hard on behalf of our team. It is my job and privilege to share our innovative solutions and the incredible talent of our employees with our clients and partners. In this time in history when every dollar is so precious and valuable to executing on the mission of our government, it is personally rewarding to know that I represent a firm that’s 100% committed to solutions that deliver meaningful results and cost savings to the U.S. taxpayer."

LinkedinJoshua Rubin
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Dan Muse , Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Dan Muse is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Sevatec. He is responsible for finance, accounting, human resources, IT, facilities, M&A and other strategic management functions across the firm. Dan has over 15 years of leadership in finance and accounting roles and brings to Sevatec his extensive experience advising companies on corporate strategy and value creation.  Dan previously served as a senior level investment banker where he advised on more than $3 billion of M&A and capital raising transactions for a wide range of government contracting companies. He has also earned both the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) designations. 

“Since the first time I met Sonny and the other senior leaders, Sevatec’s collaborative culture and singular focus on client service has been both obvious and infectious. As an investment banker, I have worked closely with more than 50 different government contractors and I truly believe that the culture at Sevatec is different from most others in the industry. From the Silicon Valley-esque office space to the high energy staff and intense focus on client service and innovation, Sevatec is unique in the industry. I am extremely excited to join the team at such an exciting time of growth and transformation and feel reenergized by the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead.” 

Chris Cole , Vice President, DHS & National Intelligence

Chris Cole is responsible for leading Sevatec's strategic business development expansion efforts in the Homeland Security and National Intelligence markets. Working directly with Sevatec's President, Burke Cox, he is responsible for creating and executing Sevatec's strategic business development plan to capture and win new business opportunities within the National Security market. Chris brings to Sevatec more than 32 years of diversified business experience, working in challenging technical environments. For the past 16 years, he has successfully led the business development efforts of four mid-sized federally focused IT consulting companies within the Homeland Security and Intelligence Community.

"Integrity, trust, and passion for mission mean a great deal to the folks that serve our country at DHS and within the Intelligence Community. At the end of the day, they come to rely on their most trusted industry partners to help them execute their primary mission of protecting the Homeland. These same core values are the foundation of Sevatec's culture, and it is the bedrock upon which the company has been built. Working in a firm that puts the client's mission first, is the essential ingredient to success in the National Security market. Sevatec's "passion for mission" is what really attracted me to the firm. The building blocks are already in place for Sevatec to be successful in this market and I'm excited to be a part of the team!"

LinkedinChris Cole
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Stephanie Callaghan , Senior Director of Client Delivery and Quality

Stephanie Callaghan serves as Sevatec’s Senior Director of Client Delivery and Quality. In this role, she oversees client-facing operations to ensure efficiency, quality, service, growth, effective management of resources, and overall client satisfaction. Ms. Callaghan is responsible for creating and optimizing processes and procedures in business management, program management capabilities, and technology solutions based on industry best practices such as CMMI, ISO, ITIL, and PMBOK. She also works closely with our projects to ensure consistency and quality in service delivery and facilitate knowledge sharing among efforts.

"When I joined Sevatec, I was inspired by our core values and commitment to “Seva”. These ideas attract very skilled and dedicated people to Sevatec and serve as guiding principles that focus our organization on the critical missions of our customers. It is a pleasure to work with such a talented and dedicated team. Together we deliver high quality products and services to our customers that enable them to better serve the American public."

LinkedinStephanie Callaghan
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Tim Grandison , Senior Director, Technical Solutions

Tim Grandison is one of Sevatec’s operational directors responsible for overseeing a business unit which includes the Department of State (DOS), the Department of Defense (DOD), Veteran’s Affairs (VA) and the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA). Tim brings a combination of technical and managerial skills honed by leading IT programs and projects throughout the federal government for the past 12 years. Tim’s areas of expertise include information technology (IT) program and project management; systems/software life cycle development; IT infrastructure support and IT security.

“The days of just “keeping the lights on” for IT programs are over. These days our customers need to respond to a rapidly evolving environment and they need to do so under ever increasing budgetary constraints. We have a lot of really talented IT professionals doing great work on interesting projects across the federal government. It’s very rewarding to share innovations and process improvements across the Sevatec portfolio of IT programs and make a difference for our customers."    

LinkedinTim Grandison
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Ed Short , Senior Director, DOT FITSS II Program Manager

Ed Short is the director overseeing Sevatec’s Department of Transportation (DOT) business unit.  Ed’s expertise is ensuring that service delivery is aligned with the client’s mission.  Ed’s experience encompasses the planning, management, and delivery of Information Technology life cycle services.  He has a reputation for strong management skills, successful implementation strategies under deadline and overcoming challenges with creative solutions.  Ed’s abilities were achieved with based upon more than 20 years of progressively complex assignments and experience in both the private and public sectors.

"It's easy to be excited and motivated when you are part of a leadership team that embraces the core values that represent the firm, and leads by example. This is important for our clients and our employees to see. This fosters a high level of trust and confidence with our clients and promotes innovation, initiative, and commitment by our employees to ensure that we are successful with our shared mission. At the end of the day, it is not what you say, but what you do!"


Lisa Spory , Senior Director, USCIS DBIS II Program Manager

Lisa Spory is the Senior Director of DHS/Program Manager for the USCIS DBIS II Project at Sevatec. Lisa is a skilled Program Manager and System Architect who brings to Sevatec more than 15 years of extensive experience in managing and developing Enterprise Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, and J2EE Enterprise Web Applications for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Department of Defense (DoD) customers. Lisa holds certifications in Oracle (Certified DBA Professional), Java Programming, Six Sigma Greenbelt, PMP, and ITIL Foundation. She brings to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) 5 years of prior immigration knowledge and experience from work leading data warehouse development at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

“I spent the first 15 years of my career working for a large goverment contractor, which I believe gave me a solid foundation in software engineering best practices, and an intrinsic need to define, follow, and improve process. However, I have always been a "jack of all trades" type of person as well, who likes to try different roles, technologies, and challenges. As I grew in my career, I found it difficult to define a "pigeon hole" within a larger organization that suited my personality and goals. What attracted me to Sevatec was to find a dynamic and growing firm that balances a respect for process and discipline with the creativity and agility of a smaller company. I am thrilled to be working in an environment where my varied experience and ideas are valued and can be put into action, but all within a framework of a managed and organized structure that I have the opportunity to help define".

LinkedinLisa Spory
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