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Employee Spotlight

Sevatec's Employee Spotlight program is an opportunity to recognize some of our exceptional staff who embodies our commitment to service and dedication to client mission. We hope that you enjoy learning more about some of our staff and why they believe Sevatec is a great place to work. Looking for a new job opportunity? Visit our Current Openings page.

Meet some of our talented employees:


“I am a Junior Web Developer on our contract supporting the Department of Transportation's (DOT) FHWA FITTS II project. I  work with a team of developers and am responsible for editing web pages for FHWA's daily updates to their various public websites, including postings for immediate viewing, and ad-hoc assignments related to web maintenance and support. I have always been interested in web development, and Sevatec provided me the opportunity to pursue this passion. One of my favorite things about working here is that our corporate office does a great job of being actively involved and engaged with employees that work at client sites."

- Helena Pocanic

Eugene Kim

"As the Senior Pricing and Project Control Consultant, I support our Mission Support Team by assisting in our pricing proposal efforts, and assisting the CFO and Finance Manager in providing project control support for our current contracts. In the past year that I have been employed with Sevatec, the company has gained tremendous momentum to continue growing - not just from a financial standpoint, but in cultivating and retaining our people and putting our best practices and procedures into place."

- Eugene Kim

Max Orelus

“I currently support our Department of State (DoS) IIP project as a Senior Web Developer. While being here for only a few months, I have made some really great relationships with the people I directly work with, as well as other Sevatec employees across other projects and client sites. The people are amazing. Smart, motivated, and willing to work together. The company is growing rapidly and the momentum is there to keep moving forward. I am definitely excited to be a part of Sevatec's journey!"

- Max Orelus