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Project Spotlight

FHWA Information Technology Support Services (FITSS II)

FITSS is the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Information Technology Support Services contract.  It is a five year contract providing the full spectrum of IT services across seven task areas including Infrastructure, Integrated Communications, Software Development and Management, Customer Service and IT Security.  Within these task areas the FITSS II team delivers support including design, development, installation, management, technical support, configuration, customization, testing, training and maintenance of FHWA’s information technology applications and infrastructure.  Sevatec’s support to FHWA is nationwide, including DOT Headquarters and the Turner Fairbank Highway Research Center in the national capital region and more than 60 field offices consisting of over 3500 full-time and contract employees and over 26,000 state and local users of FHWA systems.

The FITSS II team has been crucial to ensuring uninterrupted service to our client. At a recent team All-Hands, nine members were recognized as Sevatec Star Performers for their outstanding effort in support of our client.  The exceptional performance of the FITSS II team has also been recognized by the government.  In just the first few months on the contract we have already seen the possibility of several new task orders for additional work based on performance on the prime contract.

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