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Sevatec developed our service offerings with a focus on the challenges faced by our federal customers.  With nearly a decade of successful projects executed across every cabinet level agency, we have assembled an impressive collection of capabilities. We serve every aspect of information technology (IT) systems and their implementation towards transforming the way government agencies operate. Our approach to IT systems emphasizes creative solutions that minimize operational costs, enabling our federal customers to achieve more with lower expenditures.

Our firm brings a proven history in management and business consulting, including broad experience in learning and training systems. The unique coupling of those management skills with our technical acumen enables us to address the human concerns of rolling out new IT solutions.  Simply developing and delivering working IT solutions does not guarantee success, if the softer side of training and change management are not adequately addressed.  Our blended teams ensure that the technology solutions we deliver are socialized with your stakeholders, with release plans that include every aspect of successful product rollout.

Software Engineering Icon Software Engineering and Systems Integration

Right-sized solutions developed and implemented with predictable, high-quality results

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IT Systems3 IT Infrastructure and Security

Ensuring your enterprise network will operate reliably, secure completely, and scale affordably

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Knowledge Management2 Knowledge and Content Management

Delivering and managing your mission critical knowledge across your enterprise

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Learning Management Learning and Training Systems

Transforming delivery of information and knowledge to enable mission success

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Business Processing Management and Business Consulting

Optimize your agency with enhanced processes, improved technology, and increased performance

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