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Knowledge and Content Management

Delivering and managing your mission critical knowledge across your enterprise

Knowledge management enables your agency to acquire and organize useful knowledge and make it available across your enterprise to improve the effectiveness of stakeholders supporting your organizational mission.  Effective knowledge management transforms the words, sentences, documents, and data of your agency into actionable knowledge that enables every stakeholder to access important information, take action based on varying conditions, and understand the relationships that determine why actions become necessary.

At Sevatec, we help your team plan, organize, motivate, and manage the people, processes, and systems that produce and consume knowledge-related assets.  We work with your agency to acquire, create, refine, store, transfer, share, and utilize your existing information, whether it resides in well-formed data repositories or loosely-structured documents.  Our experienced professionals help your organization operate these processes, develop methodologies and systems to support them, and motivate people to participate in them.

Sevatec will help your agency organize its critical information using either COTS or custom software to develop a Case and Document Management solution.  To improve communication and coordination of diverse resources across your agency, we will implement an Enterprise Collaboration solution.  And to deploy information to both internal and external stakeholders, our proven professionals will share our successes, processes, and technologies for effective Web Content Management.