Agile Unleashed: Quality and The Whole Agilist on February 13, 2019

As agilists, we understand that quality needs to built in from the beginning, rather than the traditional focus of quality being a checklist or a review on the way out the door. Sevatec is undergoing a cultural shift to bring Agile concepts, including an approach to quality management, into the beginning of the conversation (sounds like shift left testing!).

In addition to baked-in quality, we are also embarking on new and better ways of being at work, thereby hopefully impacting quality of life, as well as work quality.

Sevatec’s quality expert Cheryl Duwe will explore the intersection points between an agile mindset, mindfulness, bringing our whole selves to work, and all the things that make up a healthy (or becoming healthy!) work culture, and the impacts this has on customer outcomes. Join us for what promises to be a lively discussion!

Agile Unleashed: Agile Procurement - Intended Outcomes vs. Actual Impacts on January 9, 2019

As federal agencies have moved into agile development, there have also been changes in procurement to move to faster and more effective methods, like video, technical demo, and orals. The intended outcomes of these changes haven’t always been clear to the contracting community, and the impacts of these changes haven’t always been obvious to the federal community.

Our panel will engage both the federal and contractor communities to discuss the outcomes and impacts for the new methods, and explore if there are ways of collaboration to get to the desired outcomes while reducing unintended impacts.

The War Room Group’s Ian Thomas, Sevatec’s Mandy Owens, and DHS USDS’s Michael Palmer (invited) will share their insights on our panel.

Agile Unleashed: Agile Lifestyle on November 15, 2018

Agile started in the software world, but it definitely hasn’t stayed there!
Agile practices are now used in many businesses and across different company functions to improve responsiveness. But what about your personal life? Do you use agile practices to improve your personal life?
Come and learn from agilists who are using agile methodologies to do things from planning events (even weddings and meetups!) to raising children and managing a household.
Plan on coming away with some immediate ideas and methods for implementation in a place where you may not have considered it before.

Agile Unleashed: Agile and Federal Employees on October 11, 2018

Everyone wants to move to agile and DevSecOps, but what does this mean for federal employees?
Come join us Tuesday, October 10 to find out!

You’ll hear first-hand stories from DHS, DAU, DOT, and others in a panel of federal employees involved in training and HR areas.

They’ll discuss the various states of agile delivery and can help answer questions such as:

What kinds of changes have already been implemented in federal agencies?
What has worked, what didn’t, and why?
What mindset do you need to be successful?
How are technical skills changing based on modern practices?

Bring your questions, ask the experts, and learn from their successes and failures.

Tim Whalen, DHS
Joan Porche, DOT (Invited)
Mark Ginise, DAU

Agile Unleashed: Agile Acquisition Academy on September 12, 2018

Come and join Joshua Seckel and special guests for a discussion of agile acquisitions. Joshua has experience on both sides of agile acquisitions in the federal government. He worked on many acquisitions while a federal employee, including USCIS FADS and FADS 2, JETS, DHS FLASH, and others. He was instrumental in acquisition experimentation while at USCIS. He has also worked on submissions, orals, and demos as a contractor and understands the impact of these different types of evaluation methods.
Learn from Josh and guests while discussing some proposed agile acquisition principles and values to frame future experiments.

Agile Unleashed: Modern IT at Voice of America on August 15, 2018

Voice of America, the largest U.S. International Broadcaster with more than 236 million viewers, listeners or readers around the world, has embraced Agile practices with passion.

A lot has changed since VOA began broadcasting in 1942 to combat Nazi propaganda with accurate and unbiased news and information. Now, breaking news and quick turn-around times to an estimated weekly global audience of 236.8 million, in more than 40 languages means modern IT is a must.

Come hear Jim Tunnessen, CDO at VOA, share fascinating, behind-the-scenes insights into how VOA has made modern technology and practices a priority to drive better service around the world.

Agile Unleashed: Agile FTW! Competitive Advantage and Happiness Through Business Agility on July 12, 2018

Join us for a preview of this Agile2018 presentation as we take Agile outside of IT and focus it on the entire corporation itself.

Agile has evolved to a best practice for business in general, not just IT. Some of us see it as a way of life for that matter.

During this session, John Hughes will share how the Agile mindset and practices apply to business and drive the highest impact possible towards the most valuable goals and initiatives. Modern leadership and business practices such as those under the Business Agility umbrella bring a value-driven, data-driven, efficient focus on impactful delivery. John will share stories and highlights of one such journey, as he partnered to seek the benefits of a comprehensive Business Agility adoption.

Arrive, network, and eat 6:30-7:00
Session 7:00-8:00
Q&A and networking 8:00-8:30

Food will be provided by Sevatec.

Agile Unleashed: What's Working in Agile in the Federal Government on June 13, 2018

Come join us for the inaugural event of Agile Unleashed! Mike Hermus, former CTO of DHS, discusses what is working in the federal government adoption of agile methods and practices.
Arrive, network, and eat 6:30-7:00
Session starts 7:00-8:00
After networking and questions 8:00-8:30

Food will be provided by Sevatec.