Contract Overview

The OPM USALearning® LMS BPA is an comprehensive collaboration model between OPM, government agencies, and best-in-breed private sector partners. Together we provide the government with timely and cost effective access to Learning and Human Capital products and services. Under the OPM USALearning® LMS BPA, Sevatec assumes the role of Integrator. Our support spans across the following Required Service Areas (RSAs):

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) Services
  • Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) Services
  • Course Development
  • Project Management (PM) Services
  • Implementation, Customization and Integration Support Services
  • Technical Training / Consulting and Change Management
  • Transition Planning and Services
  • Organizational Needs Assessment


The OPM USALearning® LMS BPA​ translates into lower long-term costs and elimiantes barrier to entry. Other advantages include:

  • Central point of contact for customers, vendors and OPM
  • Project management and integration oversight and support
  • Breadth of available products and services
  • OPM-granted Authorization to Operate (ATO)
  • Timely implementations and cost effective solutions
  • On-demand problem resolution and client support
  • OPM-managed security assessments

Contract Details

  • Contract Name: OPM USALearning® Learning Management System (LMS) BPA
  • Contract Ceiling: $168 million
  • Contract Track: 8(a) Small Business
  • Contract Period: 3/20/2014 - 11/22/2019
  • Task Order Types: Firm Fixed Price